Welcome to the 2024 SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy.

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Webinar Schedule

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Session Description
Pre-Show Strategy Checklist: The Smart Place to Start Preparing for SHOT 2025 | Robyn Davis
SHOT Show Exhibitors: Start preparing for SHOT 2025 by join us for an Exhibitor Academy kickoff session on Wednesday, July 24, at 2 p.m. Eastern. Presented by trade show trainer Robyn Davis, this session will take you through a pre-show strategy checklist to help you set appropriate priorities for your exhibiting preparations and navigate key decisions strategically.
Deep Dive into the Show Planner Overview | Community Brands
In this SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy session, the Community Brands team will take a deep-dive into the show planner.
Meet Your SHOT 2025 Neighbors and Learn How to Maximize Your Investment Together | Robyn Davis
In this special SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy session hosted by trade show trainer Robyn Davis, you'll meet your SHOT Show exhibitior neighbors through a unique roundtable like exercises designed to help you learn how to maximize your investment at SHOT 2025.
Official SHOT Show Targeted Attendee e-Blast Sales & Lead Retrieval | Maritz
In this Exhibitor Academy session, you'll learn directly from the Maritz team how to leverage the official SHOT Show targeted attendee e-blast and les and sales and lead retrieval.
During-Show Strategy Checklist: Can't Miss Action Steps for On-Site at SHOT 2025 | Robyn Davis
In this Exhibitor Academy session, presented by Trade show trainer Robyn Davis, you'll develop a during-show checklist that covers all the can't miss action steps for your on-site strategy.
Post-Show Strategy Checklist: Important Tasks that Other SHOT 2025 Exhibitors will Overlook | Robyn Davis
This Exhibitor Academy session is set intentionally close to the 2025 SHOT Show but remains a must-attend webinar. During this session, trade show trainer Robyn Davis, will detail a post-show checklist to help you and your team remember the important tasks to do while at the show and after the show closes - tasks that other SHOT 2025 Exhibitors will overlook.