Badges & Allotments – Sands Expo

Register online at and sign in to their dashboard. Once you are signed in, click on the word REGISTRATION and you will be taken to the registration portal. Each exhibitor contact must provide a unique e-mail address for each individual in order to complete the registration for each individual badge.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are prohibiting exhibitors from exceeding their allotment at this time. All our decisions these days are with the best interests of the show and industry, and that means keeping everyone safe.  We enacted this policy to encourage our exhibitors to bring only essential staff members to the SHOT Show and thereby reduce the amount of people in booths and in the aisles to best accommodate social distancing. This, in turn, will also maximize the opportunity for customers and valued buyers to attend the show, making it not only the safest possible show but also generating the greatest possible return for each and every exhibitor.

Due to our updated safety protocols, SHOT Show Exhibitor badges will continue to not be mailed. NEW THIS YEAR: We are only allowing key contacts to pickup all badges onsite. We will allow the key contact to select a time and location at their convenience on when they would like to pickup all registered personnel. 

If you have any questions about either of these changes please email Cassandra Stock at

Who Can I Register Under Each Registration Type?

Exhibitor Badge: The exhibitor badge should only be used for company personnel working the booth during Show Days.

Exhibitor Guest Badge: Guest badges are only eligible to enter during Show hours. The exhibitor guest badge should only be used for:

  • Company employees NOT working the booth
  • Board of Directors
  • Investors
  • Company attorneys
  • Spouses of employees

What about my buyers and manufacturer representatives?

Buyers: It is important for your company and the industry to properly categorize everyone that attends the SHOT Show. We recognize that your company has buyers you may wish to invite and host at the Show. It is a disservice for them to wear an exhibitor or guest badge as it prevents them from taking advantage of all the benefits available at SHOT. Please let us help you register buyer guests appropriately by contacting Cassandra Stock at or 702-216-5836.

Manufacturer Representatives:  If Manufacturer Reps are working your booth, we are asking that they register themselves at During their own registration, they will be allowed to enter any exhibiting company names whose booth they are working in, as well as allowing them to represent their own company. Their manufacturer rep badge will allow them on the Show floor during setup days as well as before the Show floor opens on Show days.

Important Information:

  • Booth representatives shall at all times wear badge identification furnished by Management, and badges may only be printed utilizing the name of the Exhibiting Company, as presented in the SHOT Show Directory.
  • Management may, at any time, limit the number of registrations requested by an exhibitor if it deems the exhibitor is requesting more badges than justifiable or bringing in an inordinate amount of non-qualified individuals into the SHOT Show.
  • Exhibitor’s booth must be staffed by Exhibitor during all hours the Exhibition is open.

How Many Badges Do I Receive for Free (My Allotment):

Your company receives complimentary badges based on the size of the exhibit space. Rather than separating out Exhibitors and Exhibitor Guests, your total allotment now includes everyone registered under your Exhibiting Company name. Below is the allotment formula for the 2021 SHOT Show.

2021 SHOT Show Badge Allotment

Booth Size (nsf)TotalBooth Size (nsf)Total
0 – 9922000 – 249954
100 – 19952500 – 299957
200 – 29973000 – 399968
300 – 399104000 – 499979
400 – 599195000 – 599990
600 – 899246000 – 699998
900 – 1119317000 – 7999110
1200 – 1399398000 – 8999123
1400 – 1599469000 – 9999135
1600 – 17994910000 – 10999160
1800 – 199952
Example: If your booth is a 20×30 booth, or 600nsf, your allotment is 24 badges.

Register online at  It’s easy!  The exhibitor contact on your company’s Application & License for Exhibit Participation will receive an e-mail with the company password and badge allotment.  Each exhibitor contact must provide a unique e-mail address for each individual in order to complete the registration for each individual badge.

International badges will not be mailed.  Exhibitors will be able to pick-up their badge from Registration starting on Thursday, January 15.


  • How do I log in to register? Click here to log into your Exhibitor Dashboard. Once logged in, select the Registration icon on the Dashboard and you will be redirected to registration.
  • I do not know how many registrations we have already used. When you are in the registration portal, you will see how many badges are registered and how many badges remain.
  • What if I need to change a person’s name? Changes to personnel can be made online through the Exhibitor Dashboard in the Registration portal.