Display & Height Regulations

All exhibits must conform to the regulations as set forth herein. Exhibits not in compliance must be brought into compliance prior to the end of exhibit setup. These regulations will ensure that all exhibitors have the opportunity, regardless of exhibit size and within reason, to present product(s) in the most effective manner possible and to have open access to attendees walking the aisles. Management has developed these Display Regulations in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the International Association of Exhibitions & Events. It is understood that these Exhibit Display Regulations may be changed at any time by Management and Management reserves the right to modify them in its sole discretion if it determines it is in the best interests of the Show.

Dimensions & Use of Space

The SHOT Show follows the cubic content rule, which allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space. Under the cubic content rule, exhibitors may build up to the front of their booths, and up to the maximum allowable height according to booth type as indicated below.

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing will be permitted above these maximum heights, including hanging signs, banners, and display materials. Maximum allowable height is also directly affected by the ceiling height of your booth area. Check the maximum height of your booth area before planning your display.

Width of exhibit space shown on the floor plan is measured from the center-line of the side rails. Depth is the measurement from the face of the front post to the back of the rear post.

Linear exhibit structures must be constructed to allow 3 inches for each side rail and 9 inches for utility service access at the rear. Examples: a 10 feet x 20 feet exhibit space has 9 feet 3 inches x 19 feet 6 inches usable space.

Demonstration areas must be confined within the exhibit space so as not to interfere with any traffic in the aisles. Exhibitors must contract sufficient space to be able to comply with this rule. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time.

Exhibitors cannot distribute literature, samples, or other material outside your contracted exhibit space. Booth personnel, or persons hired by exhibiting companies, must remain in the exhibitor’s booth and are not permitted to walk the aisles or lobbies for promotional purposes.

Non-Exhibitor Products

  • Exhibitor may not display products or provide branding within or above their booth (i.e., hanging signs) from eligible non-exhibiting companies, unless approved in writing by Management.
  • There can be no presentations or media activities of non-exhibiting companies.
  • Flyers, handouts or other representations of non-exhibiting companies may not be visible or placed in a booth.


  • Electrical equipment and wiring require evidence of testing and approval by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, and must conform to the electrical codes and regulations as indicated in the Exhibitor Resource on www.SHOTShow.org/erc.
  • All wiring must be three-wire grounded.
  • Wiring that touches the floor must be “SO” cord (minimum 14-gauge/three-wire) which is insulated to qualify for “extra hard usage”.
  • Cord wiring above floor level can be “SJ” which is rated for “hard usage”.
  • The use of zip cords, two-wire cords, latex cords, plastic cord, lamp cord, open clip sockets or two-wire clamp-on fixtures is prohibited.
  • Cube taps are prohibited.
  • All multi-plug power strips must be UL approved, contain internal over-load protectors and adhere to all regulations in this section.
  • The Blue box electrical outlet system is designed to prevent unauthorized power use. Be aware that it controls the amount of power you order and will terminate if you exceed that amount. See the detailed explanation in the special form in the Exhibitor Resource Center on www.SHOTShow.org/erc.


  • Lighting outside the perimeter of the exhibit cannot affect neighboring exhibits or aisles, or project images outside the exhibitor’s own exhibit space.
  • Peninsula and island exhibits may exceed the applicable height restriction based on location and booth configuration with hanging lights and truss for lighting only, providing there are no graphics, advertising or promotional signage above the height restriction.
  • Stem-mounted halogen fixtures with an arm that extends outward from the mounting mechanism, and which typically terminate in a light head that pivots, swivels, or is otherwise movable must use a sealed bulb, maximum 75W. Approved bulbs are MR 11/16, Covered – low voltage, PAR14, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38, MR 16 Covered – line voltage (see diagrams at the end of the Exhibit Display Regulations).
  • Linear quartz bulbs or non-shielded halogen bulbs are not allowed.
  • Conventional track lighting systems that use any of the approved types of halogen bulbs are allowed.

Fire and Safety

  • The travel distance within the exhibit to an exit access aisle shall not exceed 50 feet.
  • All displays must be made of fire retardant materials and are subject to Fire Marshal approval.
  • Cardboard, crepe paper, corrugated paper or other combustible materials are prohibited.
  • Exhibitors that have fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire strobe lights or fire hose cabinets located within the exhibit space must have them visible with an unobstructed path from the aisle to the fire device location.
  • Spray painting is prohibited unless approved in advance by Management.
  • Welding is allowed with prior written permission of Management, and provided Exhibitor procures all necessary permits and licenses from Clark County and provides evidence of the requisite permits to Management and the Facility’s Safety Coordinator prior to the Show. (See Exhibitor Resource Center at www.SHOTShow.org/erc).
  • Helium and gas cylinders used for refilling must be secured in an upright position on ANSI approved safety stands with the regulators and gauges protected from damage. Overnight storage of cylinders in the building is prohibited.
  • See Section 8 below for Fire & Safety rules regarding multi-level or covered exhibits.

Signs/Hanging Signs/Displays

  • Only the following booths are eligible to have hanging signs suspended from the Facility’s ceiling:
  • Island and Peninsula booths of 400 square feet or larger on Level 2 in the booth number range of 10000-17000 and booths 70000 – 76000 at Caesars Forum.
  • Hanging signs are not permitted in the following booths: Linear, Meeting Room, Level 1 or booth number ranges 20000-33000 or 40000-63000.
  • Hanging signs must comply with display regulations. This includes all hanging or suspended material such as banners and balloons (where permitted), etc. The top of the sign (or other material) may not exceed the height limitation specific to your type of booth.
  • Columns located within the booth may be covered using an approved material that will not cause damage upon removal. The cover may not block fire cabinets, fire hoses, electrical, strobe lights, etc. Exhibitor is responsible for any damage to the column(s). Show Management and facility approval is required in advance. For approval, email Jennifer Carr at jcarr@shotshow.org.

Prohibited Display Materials

  • No bolts, screws, hooks or nails shall be driven into or otherwise attached to the walls or floors of the exhibit areas.
  • No part of the display may be attached to or otherwise secured to the columns, drapery backdrop or side dividers.
  • Decals or other adhesive materials shall not be applied or affixed to the walls or floor of the exhibit areas.
  • No sign of any description may be installed, except within the confines of the exhibit space assigned.
  • No animals, reptiles, birds, rodents, fish or insects may be used as part of any exhibit.
  • Helium balloons are prohibited in linear booths or booths with an allowable height of 12’ or less. Use of balloons in other booth configurations is subject to approval by Show Management and Venetian Expo/Venetian Hotel. Balloons inside the facility must remain “tethered” to a fixed object. The balloon may be no larger than thirty-six inches (36″) in diameter and must have approval prior to move-in of event from the Venetian Expo Event Services Manager and the Fire Marshal. There is a labor and equipment charge to retrieve balloons in the ceiling should they become loose. Helium may not be stored on the premises.
  • Cold air balloons are permitted with written permission of Show Management
  • Mylar balloons are specifically prohibited.
  • Balloons are not permitted for giveaway or sale.
  • Fog, smoke, water and steam machines are not permitted.

Exhibit Plan/Rendering

  • Exhibitors with exhibits 400 square feet or larger and all multi-level exhibits must submit the Exhibit Space Design Notification form (ESDN) along with rendering and measurements for Show Management approval no later than November 4. The notification form is located in the Exhibitor Resource Center at www.SHOTShow.org/erc.
  • See Section 8 below for additional requirements imposed upon multi-level and covered exhibits.

Multi-Level/Covered Exhibits

  • Multi-Level or Covered Exhibits are not permitted in Meeting Rooms, Level 1 or Level 2 Ballrooms (Booths 20000 – 33000) unless approved in writing by Show Management.
  • In order to help avoid issues on-site and confirm compliance with all fire and safety regulations, wet-stamped engineer drawings of all multi-level or covered exhibits must be submitted for approval by November 4 using the Exhibit Design Notification (ESDN) located in the Exhibitor Resource Center at www.SHOTShow.org/erc. Exhibitors will be contacted if there are any issues that need to be addressed prior to Exhibitor move-in.
  • In addition to submitting drawings pre-show, as set forth above, drawings must be available for on-site inspection on all multi-story exhibits (regardless of whether or not people will occupy the upper area), exhibits with hanging signs and all exhibit fixtures and components exceeding 12 feet (3.66m) in height. Drawings must include a current signature or wet stamp of a reviewing structural engineer, indicating that the structure design is properly engineered for its proposed use. A signature is required by an authorized official of the exhibit-building company indicating that the structure is built in compliance with the details and specifications set forth on the drawings.
  • Fire sprinkler systems must be installed if upper decks or covered exhibit areas exceed 1,000 square feet including the stair landing.
  • There must be two remote means of egress if upper deck area is greater than 300 square feet or will be occupied by more than 9 people.
  • Spiral stairs are not permitted.
  • Upper decks, covered areas and roofed areas exceeding 300 square feet in size require the installation of battery- operated smoke detectors.
  • Signs must be posted indicating the maximum number of people the structure will accommodate.

Unfinished Areas

All open or unfinished sides of the exhibit which may appear unsightly must be covered or Management will have them covered at exhibitor’s expense. Any portion of the exhibit bordering another exhibitor’s space must have the backside of the exhibit finished and not incorporate any identification signs, lettering or graphics that would detract from the adjoining exhibit. Peninsula, and island exhibits must have a finished back wall.

Noise Level

The noise level within an exhibit must not exceed 85 decibels. Exhibitors found to be in violation will be given a maximum of two warnings, and instructed to lower volume to acceptable level as determined by Management. A third offense will result in penalties up to and including, but not restricted to, loss of priority points for space selection and loss of power to the booth.

Product Size

Exhibitor products may exceed height restrictions if they do not impact neighboring exhibitors and must be pre-approved in writing by Management. Graphics may not appear above your allowable height.

Inspection Deadline

Any booth not occupied by 4:00 PM on Monday, January 17, will be presumed abandoned. If there is freight in the booth and Show Management believes the Exhibitor will be late, then Freeman will set up the display as best they can with the information available. If there is no freight in the booth and/or Show Management believes the Exhibitor will not participate in the show, the booth will be reassigned. Exhibitors arriving after this time will be given space available and may incur additional costs. Absolutely no shipment, equipment, or material may be brought onto the show floor during show hours.


  • All vehicles are required to have a Clark County Vehicle permit and is responsible for any applicable fees.
  • Display vehicles must have battery cables disconnected and taped, alarm systems deactivated, fuel tanks no more than 1/4-tank full or 5 gallons, whichever is less, and fuel tank filler caps locked and/or sealed. Fueling or de-fueling of vehicles on the Facility premises is prohibited.
  • A vehicle with a battery cutoff switch is not required to disconnect the battery cables, but switch must remain off throughout entire show and cannot be accessible to the public. External chargers or batteries are allowed for demonstration purposes. Auxiliary batteries not connected to engine starting system may remain connected.
  • Once placed, display vehicles cannot be started or moved without the approval and direction of Management.

Booth Configuration Specifications:

Linear Exhibit Specifications

Linear exhibits are 10 feet deep and offered in 10 feet or 15 feet widths and can be combined to create an exhibit of almost any length.  Exhibits are permitted a maximum height for any sign, display, product, fixture, or decoration based on the particular location of the booth in accordance with the chart set forth below.

Peninsula Exhibit Specifications

A peninsula exhibit is created when four or more 10 feet x 10 feet exhibit spaces are placed back-to-back with an aisle on three sides.  The maximum height permitted for any display, product, fixture, or decoration within the exhibit is based on the particular location of the booth in accordance with the chart set forth below.  Signage and graphics facing into neighboring booths, exceeding 8’, need to be a minimum of 10’ from a neighboring exhibit.

Island Exhibit Specifications

An island exhibit is surrounded by aisles on all four sides and must be at least 400 square feet.  The maximum height permitted for any display, product, fixture or decoration within the exhibit is based on the particular location of the booth in accordance with the chart set forth below.

Walk-Through Exhibit

A walk-through exhibit is contained in a row of booths with access to two aisles. Walkthrough booths that share a side with a peninsula booth are allowed to have a wall up to the max height for peninsulas in that location. 

Walkthrough booths that share a side with a linear booth are allowed to have a wall at the max height for linear booths in that area.

The maximum height permitted for any display, product, fixture, or decoration within the exhibit is based on the linear height restrictions per the chart below.

2023 SHOT Show Booth Height Restrictions (Caesars Forum)

Booth #LocationType of BoothMaximum Height
70000-76000Caesars ForumLinear12′
70000-76000Caesars ForumWalkthrough 400 nsf or more
(see Section 15)
70000-76000 Caesars ForumPeninsula 400 nsf or more23′
70000-76000 Caesars ForumIsland23′

       NSF = Net Square Feet

Questions?  Contact Management at 702-216-5852