Shipping Firearms to Show


Crates containing firearms shipped to Freeman warehouse or to Show site need to have an Advanced Security or Direct Security Label. These items will be separated from the rest of the shipment or be taken directly to Secured Storage in the Venetian Meeting Room 306 and 309 or on Level 2 – Hall D front of the 15000 Aisle, Bassano 2801, and Caesars Forum, Room 404. Secured Storage will be available every night during Move-In and Show Days. Please take advantage of it.

Please do not ship items to secured storage that do not need to be secured. There is limited space available in secured storage.

Storage of empty firearm crates during the Show must have special labels in order to expedite return of the crates at the close of the show. DO NOT use standard storage labels.

Prohibited Products

The following specific products, among others, may not be displayed or appear in booth graphics or be anywhere in the Facility. Personal firearms and ammunition are prohibited in the Facility. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also prohibited are used or pre-owned firearms and accessories, regardless of condition and whether or not remanufactured, including military surplus firearms; current military manufacture; firearms and accessories prohibited from import into the United States; cane guns; pen guns; “cell phone” guns and buckle guns (buckle guns may be displayed only if the buckle and the gun are detached and displayed separately, and the gun meets all firearms display safety rules). Notwithstanding the foregoing, any exhibitor who intends to market a newly manufactured accessory item at the SHOT Show, such as a magazine, stock, mount, optic, or similar item, may display that item on a curio and relic firearm, provided that the firearm is restored to new condition and that the firearm itself is not being marketed for sale.

Firearms Deactivation & Safety Policy

All firearms displayed must be deactivated by removal of the firing pin or other alteration so that they may not be fired. Live ammunition, powder or primers may not be brought into the Exhibit Hall. Safety Advisors will visit all booths for inspection during show setup. Once a firearm has been certified deactivated, it will be banded through the trigger guard and is approved for display.

Any firearm brought into the Show after the Safety Inspection has taken place must go to Safety Advisors Office, Room 304, Venetian Expo, Level 1 to be inspected and tagged. No firearm may be displayed after the Show opens without a band. Firearms capable of firing must be removed from the Exhibit Hall immediately.

Show Days

All firearms must be secured at night by either hiring overnight security, cabled to the booth or taken to one of the Secured Storage areas located in the Venetian Meeting Room 306 and 309, Level 2; Hall D front of the 15000 Aisle; Bassano 2801, and Caesars Forum, Room 404. All containers must be locked or zip tied before secured storage can accept them.

Please Note: Empty Firearm cases are not allowed in Secured Storage. Cases must be kept in the exhibitors booth or make arrangements with Freeman for access storage.


All crates with a Firearm Crate Label will be returned to the booth first at show close at 4:00pm. Special labels can be obtained through Freeman. Please pack your firearms first before the rest of your show freight.

There are options for outbound shipments of firearms:

  • Hire a guard until shipment is loaded for outbound
  • Return containers to Secured Storage locations until the shipment is loaded for outbound freight.

If assistance is needed returning crates to Secured Storage, please contact Freeman at the service desk or your floor manager.

We greatly appreciate and value your participation in the SHOT Show.