Securing Your Firearms

The SHOT Show continues to make a concerted effort to avoid firearm cases entering Las Vegas area hotels, and request your support and cooperation with this effort. The SHOT Show offers enhanced programs to receive and secure firearms throughout the period you will be in Las Vegas; during move-in, on show days, and during move-out.  All of the services listed below are complimentary.  Please take advantage of these services to avoid theft as well as respecting the Las Vegas resort community.


Advance Shipping
Crates containing firearms shipped to Freeman warehouse or to Show site need to have an Advanced Security or Direct Security Label. These items will be separated from the rest of the shipment and will be taken directly to Secured Storage.

Ground Transportation
If you are shipping your firearms through a ground carrier that arrives through the marshalling yard during move-in, firearms should be labeled separately for Secured Storage so they can be taken directly to Secured Storage upon arrival and unloading at the Sands Expo Center.  .

Transporting in a private vehicle
If you are transporting your firearms in your own vehicle during move-in, the firearms should be taken directly to Secured Storage at The Venetian Expo upon arrival in Las Vegas. See location and hours below. Do not take firearm or firearm cases to your hotel.

Transporting by checked baggage from airport
If you are transporting through checked luggage on your flight to Las Vegas, you can bring them to the SHOT check-in desk at McCarran Airport after you receive them from your airline’s baggage service upon your arrival.  Your firearms will be transported to Secured Storage by SHOT Show security.  Check-in locations during move-in are as follows:

Hours: Saturday, January 15 through Monday, January 17, 8 AM – 8 PM

Terminal 1 (Southwest, Allegiant, American, Delta, Spirit): Baggage Claim Office next to Carousel 5

Terminal 3 (International Arrivals, United, Alaska, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Virgin America): Baggage Claim Office across from Carousel 17

Show Days

Show Hours
To avoid theft, Show Management recommends that you secure your firearms during Show hours.  As busy and hectic as the SHOT Show is, show hours are a prime time for theft.  You can easily become distracted and someone can walk off with your firearm.  Your firearms should be secured with cables or kept inside a display.

After Hours
All firearms must be secured at night by either hiring overnight security, cabled to the booth, or taken to one of the Secured Storage locations. See locations below.


Shipping through Freeman
All crates with a Firearm Crate Label will be returned to the booth first at show close at 4:00pm. Special labels can be obtained through Freeman. Please pack your firearms first before the rest of your show freight.

There are options for outbound shipments of firearms

  • Hire a guard until shipment is loaded for outbound
  • Return containers to Secured Storage locations until the shipment is loaded for outbound freight. If assistance is needed returning creates to Secured Storage, please contact Freeman.

Ground Transportation
Check your firearms into Secured Storage and check them out when your carrier arrives to take your shipment.

Personal Vehicle
Check your firearms into Secured Storage and check them out when you are ready to leave.  Do not take your firearms to your hotel.

Transporting by checked baggage from airport
Do not take your firearms to your hotel.  Check your firearms into Secured Storage.  Security will obtain your flight information and transport firearms to the airport.  When you arrive at the airport you can retrieve your firearms and take them to the nearby ticketing agent.  Pick-up locations:

Firearms are taken to departure level by ticket counters (map to be provided onsite) for pick-up on Saturday between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM only

Terminal 1: Behind American Airlines ticketing counters

Terminal 3: Located to the right of the United Airlines ticketing counter.

Secured Storage Locations and Hours

Level 1 Hall G – Venetian Meeting Room 306 and 309

Open 24 hours a day from Tuesday, 1/11, 7am through Monday, 1/24, 3pm

Level 2 Hall D – in front of 15000 aisle

Open 24 hours a day from Sunday, 1/16, 3pm through Saturday, 1/22, 3pm

Level 2 Bassano Room 2801 – Level 2 meeting rooms

Open 24 hours a day from Sunday, 1/16, 3pm through Friday, 1/21, 8pm

Caesars Forum – Room 404

Open 24 hours a day from Saturday, 1/15, 12pm through Saturday, 1/22, 3pm.

Please Note: Empty Firearm cases are not allowed in Secured Storage.  Cases must be kept in the exhibitors booth or make arrangements with Freeman for access storage.