Deadline DateItem
10/14/2022Supplier Showcase Listing/Update Due
10/28/2022Show Guide Exhibitor Listings Due
10/28/2022SHOT Show Tracker Ad Artwork Due
11/4/2022Exhibit Design Notification Due
11/4/2022New Products Guide Listings Due
11/8/2022Lead Retrieval Rental (Early Bird Rate) – Maritz
11/18/2022Show Directory & Buyer Guide Ad Artwork Due
11/25/2022Mobile Units & Motorized Vehicles to be included in permit
11/30/2022Sponsorship Artwork due to Freeman
12/2/2022Visa Letter Request Submitted
12/2/2022Press Conference Application
12/9/2022New Product Guide Ad Artwork Due
12/9/2022Supplier Showcase Ad Artwork Due
12/12/2022Freight – First day to accept advance freight at Freeman Warehouse
12/12/2022Hotel Cut Off Date
12/14/2022Audio/Visual & Computer Rental (Advance Rate) – Freeman AV
12/14/2022Carpet (Advance Rate) Freeman
12/14/2022Column Drape Freeman
12/14/2022Cleaning (Advance Rate) Caesars Forum Freeman
12/14/2022Credit Card Authorization – Freeman
12/14/2022Exhibit Furnishings (Advance Rate) – Freeman
12/14/2022Labor Installation, Dismantle, Forklift – Freeman
12/14/2022Material Handling – Freeman
12/14/2022Payment Authorization – Freeman
12/14/2022Custom Signs and Graphics (Advance Rate) Freeman
12/14/2022Target Date Changes Freeman
12/14/2022Utilities – Air, Drain, Sprinklers, Water Caesars Forum (Freeman)
12/17/2022Electrical Encore (Advance Rate) Caesars Forum
12/17/2022Hanging Sign / Truss (Advance Rate) Caesars Forum Encore
12/17/2022Internet Encore (Advance Rate) Caesars Forum
12/17/2022Booth Personnel & Temporary Staffing – HADCO
12/19/2022SUP Freight – First day to accept advance freight at Freeman Warehouse
12/19/2022SUP Cart Service (By Appointment Only)
12/20/2022Lead Retrieval Rental (Advanced Rate) – Maritz
12/22/2022Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Application
12/23/2022Exhibitor Meeting Room Set Style
12/23/2022Sampling: Food & Drink
12/27/2022Cleaning – Booth Order – Venetian
12/27/2022Electrical Order – Venetian
12/27/2022Hanging Truss, Chain Hoist, Lighting and Stagehand Labor (Advance Rate) Venetian
12/27/2022Internet & Telecommunications Order – Venetian
12/27/2022Labor – Rigging 200lbs and over – Venetian
12/27/2022Payment Authorization – Venetian
12/27/2022Booth Security Cameras (Advance Rate) Century
12/27/2022Booth Security Guard Service (Advance Rate) – Century
12/27/2022Utilities – Air, Drain, Sprinklers, Water – Venetian
12/28/2022Catering Request – Venetian
12/30/2022Food Service – Booth (Advance Rate) – Venetian
1/4/2023Last day to accept freight at standard rate Advance Shipments to Freeman Warehouse – Freeman (Including Advance Security and Hanging Signs)
1/6/2023Floral Order – Expo Ease
1/6/2023Photography Order Expo Ease
1/6/2023Professional Booth Staffing Expo Ease
1/11/2023Ship to show site opening date
1/11/2023SUP Last day to accept freight at standard rate Advance Shipments to Freeman Warehouse
1/16/2023Last day to ship to show site (must be within your target time)