Individual shipping labels are available for download below.

The label for “HANGING SIGNS” must only be used for the actual sign
and not for any other booth material. Hanging Signs must be delivered no later than January 4, 2023 so that your sign can be pre-installed prior to your carpet and booth arrival.

The labels for Advance Security (Warehouse) and Direct Security (Show
Site) must only be used on items that need to go into security storage and packed separately from rest of shipment. This includes all firearms.

Use this label if you prefer the convenience of not having to worry about
your shipment arriving at a specific time. Your shipment can arrive at the warehouse as early as December 12, 2022, and be delivered to your booth in accordance with the Freight Target Schedule.

Use this label only for Shipments arriving at The Venetian Expo
between January 11, 2023 through January 20, 2023 based on the schedule in the Freight Target Floor plan. Check with your trucking company to see what their policy is about waiting times and weekend deliveries.